Self-help order system is how to help the traditional food out of the 'dilemma'

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-26
In traditional food industry operations, a common problem is the order, especially in the rush hour, repast diners a waiter will look more, low efficiency, in order to lead to pressure restaurant service personnel, customers waiting to order for a long time, also increase the loss of customers. Facing this dilemma, self service order system to better help traditional catering, promote efficiency of order. Promotive a convenient and efficient ordering, enhancing efficiency of meal order through self-service terminals, data transmission to the kitchen. Achieve rapid order, payment, catering, room process. Customer order effective self service, self service pay order, enhance the customer experience. Specific order process is as follows: 1, first, the customer ordering screens in front of their favorite dishes; 2, after the confirmed order dishes, the use of mobile phones WeChat/alipay payment; 3, after completion of payment, self-service order to print receipts, can be removed after completion of the order process, dishes to the kitchen, and then wait for the waiter serving, improve the efficiency of the customer order, also order to improve customer experience, reducing the pressure of restaurant staff. In addition to help restaurant, promote efficiency of customer order, on the marketing, delivery, member management brings to the restaurant better operation, specific use is as follows: on the marketing, businesses can limits on ordering software discounts, food package, such as marketing, attract and increase the customer to use. On delivery, food and beverage outlets can WeChat order system, for example, seamless docking third-party delivery platform or build their own delivery platform, to build their own traffic. Member management, in order to our order system can effectively help business to membership information, member records of consumption, consumption habits and other data, carries on the observation and statistics. Master members demand, facilitate business more targeted to precise marketing members, let members loyalty to get promoted. With catering pain points to do analysis, with the aid of the concept of marketing, using order system concluded social relations between users and products continuously, to maintain a steady customer retention, will implement user growth.
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