Self-help order system make smart restaurant dining!

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-27
Go to a restaurant to believe you often encounter order will line up to the pain, especially in the peak dining. However, with the advent of the era of '+' Internet, a lot of food and beverage business in order to do more promotion work, using automated ordering system docking WeChat pay, pay treasure to wait for a variety of mobile payment mode of payment, quickly to shorten order time. In the use of quick and easy in operation, not only on the function for restaurant spending, reduce the operating costs of specific performance is as follows: one, the operation simple and quick customers into stores before dinner buffet order machine screen choose dishes - - Place an order to pay; Placing orders, customers need to open the phone WeChat/pay treasure 'payment qr code, and sweep the code window at the bottom of the self-service order machine a' brush can complete order and automatically print receipts, the same order, order, we don't have to pull his throat shout waiter! Second, docking self service order take-out platform machine at the installation order system at the same time, can also be docking delivery platform, server in the background system can receive delivery orders, view your order details, needless to system operation, save time. Businesses don't have to buy more tools to open take-away food markets and cost saving stores. Three, data analysis, the owner can use the phone APP, restaurant at any time to master the dynamic, view restaurant business report, and remote management, etc. Dishes can be up and down, the price also modify, advertisement issued a series of operations, and restaurant equipment real-time synchronization. Developing marketing strategy, to help managers to improve operation efficiency, reduce cost and greatly improve the management efficiency. Above is the intelligent application functions of self service order in a restaurant, the order model, customer order cashier, waiter need to order for the customer, the cashier services such as work, save some tedious and service; Overall store operations management system, but also reduce the restaurant operating costs.
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