Self-help order vendors would share with you the advantages of self-service order machine

by:Hongzhou      2021-02-01
order machine is designed for the restaurant, customers can order KeTong self-service machine, self-help order order, payment, seated will print receipts to the attendant can, need not the waiter, self service order link. Application of self service order machine can: ( 1) It will shorten the waiting time for customers; ( 2) order machine to a certain extent, to eliminate the service personnel, taking advantage of one's cashier invoicing steal the difference; ( 3) Improve customer consumption desire. order machine in provide self-service order functions at the same time can also provide the membership card, card, prepaid phone and card consumption management functions such as card, by the way can solve the catering enterprises, especially fast food type of catering enterprises in the hairpin, prepaid phone card management ( As usual business hours s are busy ordering service, care card issuing and prepaid phone) The problem. Can in the self-service machine can choose their favorite food, after the dinner buffet in the appropriate notes, and credentials and change, system will automatically print to receive a free meal at the same time inform the automatic catering kitchen, client credentials with to receive a free meal can get meals at the counter.
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