Self-help settlement system to attract more new customers

by:Hongzhou      2021-02-04
Now both big shopping centers, and a small convenience store or street stalls, basically all support payments as a payment type, esau yards but business using sweep code payment can only meet the demand of consumers to pay, may be customer after this one, will not come again after consumption. Now we will talk about the most popular WeChat payments, WeChat already has more than 1 billion registered users, and use WeChat pay per day at least also has hundreds of millions of users, every businessman want to seize this WeChat of hundreds of millions of users, but the vast majority of merchants will only inside the store as a WeChat gathering qr code, though, will be very convenient to pay, but for businesses and consumers of viscous and after purchase rate has not been solved, so we're going to formulating a store cashier. And self-help settlement system, but there will be a highly intelligent cashier function, will also help business to complete the online o2o layout, self-help clearing customers can pay their own to replace the previous traditional by cashier cashier mode, in improving the efficiency of the store cashier at the same time, will also help businesses online diversion work done quickly. Self-help settlement system will also use of mobile phone positioning function, referring users to nearby stores information, can choose to shop when customers into the store, can also choose to pay qr code, and the payment process not only simpler, and cashier efficiency will be much higher. Sweep in user code to pay in the process of self-help settlement system through various channels will allow the user to focus on your WeChat public, we need to advance in WeChat member system to establish a perfect bonus schemes, let users can also be rewarded when consumption, so it can solve the problem of user loyalty is not enough, and low consumption frequency.
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