Self-help sold the ticket machine system design advantage

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-31
Civil aviation ticketing terminal system set of self-service query, tickets, pay cost, print, and collect the tickets at an organic whole, liquid crystal display and touch-screen inputs, multimedia user interface, widely used in various types of airport, using self-service query pay and intelligent management functions, to provide users with a convenient ticketing services self-service ticketing terminal equipment. Civil aviation ticketing terminal system overall design scheme considering the needs of field application environment, the development of Linux based on embedded technology to effectively reduce the product cost, improve the stability of the system. This design and good reliability, low cost, easy to operate, with strong engineering practical significance and promotion value. Civil aviation ticketing terminal adopts S3C2440 embedded development board, effectively reduce the hardware cost of the civil aviation ticketing terminal; Linux operating system is proposed, which can efficiently cut for application scenario for the kernel and the design of the driver; Self-help to sell the ticket machine adopts are widely used in the embedded system interface QT encapsulation of c + + class for interface design, can design human-computer interaction flow stability of industrial control interface. The current civil aviation ticketing terminal through a third party test and user's initial use, better meet the needs of the customer.
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