Self-service checkout system is not only a cashier statistics, these features you need

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-27
From the use of smart phones to the rapid development of mobile Internet, every technological innovation, are quietly changing people's food, clothing, shelter, line. With the transformation of People's Daily consumption, as a key equipment of retail stores trading - A cash register, is also followed smart update from ordinary cash register gradually upgrade to self-help pay cash register now. Stores use self-service register, it USES embedded barcode scanners, equipped with barcode identification, acquisition, data transmission characteristics, docking background shopping system and mobile payment system, in the process of using self-service checkout, the customer will turn to purchase commodity barcodes and decoder, self-service checkout screen appears commodity information, open WeChat when confirmed payment/alipay payment code. In just a few steps operation for the user to save time, reduce the end of the line, change the traditional buy single long dragon. besides convenient self-service payment and settlement, the cash register in the software application that it has the following features: 1, data statistics function business operations without regular analysis of the data management consciousness, value only store sales and gross profit of commodities, to judge the trend of commodity purchase and sales of personal experience and often caused immeasurable loss. And through self-service checkout software, from stock to inventory to sales, data can be used to guide the store operations, analysis of different category of commodity sales cycle, inventory backlog of cases, expired product costs caused by the loss, thereby to guide product category of rational structure, reduce losses, promotions, etc. 2, document management, commodities management features many merchants only pay attention to product gross margin, but easy to ignore the sales cycle, inventory management, attaches great importance to the best selling goods but lack of global commodity management concept. And self-service checkout system at the time of setting up a good file, in addition to the conventional commodity information, we have a lot of can preset information, such as the expiration date of the goods, the current suppliers, commodity commission, etc. 3, member of the marketing function promotion, many businesses are doing just set in the background commodities promotion and discount, but not integrated analysis, end of the activity will be over. However, self service cashier can take advantage of the integral, store values, such as discount attract membership growth, can also be purchased from members the purchasing power of the situation analysis of different age and gender groups and scope of purchase. From online to offline, according to different festivals set different promotional activities. After the activity, analysis of best-selling and unsalable goods, as well as the reasons for, and to improve in the next activity. A good cashier software more cashier, it is a comprehensive set of store operation management system. Each item listed above is the author self-service system has the function of cashier, want to want to know about self service cashier function of merchants have help!
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