Self-service order machine maintenance and maintenance method

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-29
Convenient order - operation - order machine, since the advent of has become a restaurant service's right-hand man, not only to shorten the time of the customer order order, at the same time improve the efficiency of the restaurant, but it is only a man-made machinery and equipment, use for a long time will be a failure. Order to this, in order to make the self-service machine can keep normal work every day don't appear error and fault, shenzhen sales order machine manufacturers in order to introduce the self-service machine here the daily maintenance of knowledge: 1, the cleaning on a regular basis. Most self-help order machine used the material is powder cement, so vulnerable to inside the fuselage dust pollution, especially in power and cooling parts, accumulate over a long period of dust is a kind of burden, easy to cause the self-service order machine operation failure. Clean way is will be self-help order machine shell removed, reoccupy wet dishcloth to wipe ( If the shell is not easy to remove to contact suppliers) 2, lubricated regularly. order inside the machine motor braking gear from working long hours, brake gear lubrication can have on consumption, which leads to the motor when the rotational speed drops, even some noise, some of the lubricating oil to reduce friction force is easy to solve this problem. 3, do not use rigid thing. no or violent vibration self-service order machine, brutally treated can damage the internal circuit board and sophisticated structure. Through the above maintenance and maintenance knowledge, I believe you can clearly see the self-help order machine maintenance and maintenance should have to do some things, but the author here still want to remind you that different manufacturer production of self-help order machine, in the concrete maintenance there may be some subtle differences. Therefore, in the process of machine upon meal, should choose which have word of mouth, big manufacturers to buy, if buy quality is not very good self-help order machine, it is possible to bring greater losses to the restaurant.
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