Self-service order machine, promote efficiency of the restaurant

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-27
In food industry, there is fierce competition between individuals, every day there are many restaurants, there are also many restaurants fail, and the main reason for the failure is high cost, less customers, lead to less profit. So how do we place in the fierce competition? order system is a good choice. Since the advent of self service order system, began to reduce artificial cost, restaurant operation efficiency was improved. A lot of work can be self-help order machine instead, such as work order, cashier work and so on. Customer just before meal order machine, place the order as the middle series of unnecessary order process can be omitted. order system help promote efficiency of ordering a meal in a restaurant, customers began to increase, the restaurant also follow to add more profit. order system not only applies to promote efficiency of ordering this, also has many features of human nature, from on the other hand brings to the restaurant operations more efficient and intelligent experience. 1, use the new payment. WeChat, alipay, to a certain extent to avoid the staff using the cashier invoicing, steal the difference, reduce the possibility of restaurant turnover. 2, self service order machine touch screen when no one touch, can play the restaurant dishes, combo video and image, increase publicity of restaurant food. 3, docking delivery platform. If just rely on customers into the store, store profits is difficult to ascend, and self-help order software have docking delivery management function, can automatically collect the order in the background, stores it is also easy to management. 4, by ordering system for data analysis. After customer order in self-service machine order, system will produce a series of big data, such as food sales ranking, turnover, customer preferences, member statistics and so on. Restaurant owners according to the data analysis and understanding of the real requirements of customers, to adjust your restaurant, brand strategy accordingly. order system to make the customer participation of point meal, payment process and reduce the labor costs, liberated the Labour for restaurants, improve the operational efficiency of the restaurant. Makes the individual restaurants stand out in competition in the catering industry, self-help order system will create a new pattern of restaurant operations.
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