Self-service order system has the function of a member of the marketing mode

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-26
Smart restaurant buffet a birth order system have been seriously, about the food industry, this is a new form of O2O service, online and offline restaurant directly moved to bid farewell to the traditional telephone order a meal, a handful of records, hand-written order, save a lot of manpower and material resources, food and restaurant owners can use background fluctuation, modify the price, advertising, check daily turnover situation, and self service order system will bring some value-added service, for example, the setting of marketing activities and increase, to attract old customers and inspire potential customers have very big allure. And self service member order machine has the function of marketing model, user code after the payment, it has become a member of the restaurant. Customers in the consumer attention after the businessman WeChat public and became the member of the restaurant, a member of the center on WeChat ID, can realize the member registration, top-up and integral; Merchants in operating the background set in advance the holiday promotion, coupons and a series of marketing measures, never leave home to do online marketing members. At the same time WeChat ID is also in the process of the order and delivery platform entrance. Number after WeChat public businesses also can mass product preferential information, add, and customer interaction between fans, zero distance touch with customers, in fact description is more appropriate, WeChat order system is as a bridge of customer and restaurant cohesion, which makes long-distance merchants and customers face to face. Order system can statistical food sales ranking, turnover, customer preferences, member statistics and analyze the data analysis, etc. Restaurant owners, headquarters of the chain can be according to the data analysis, understanding of the real requirements of customers. To the restaurant, brand do corresponding adjustments.
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