Self-service payment machine brings convenience to restaurant ordering and payment

by:Hongzhou      2021-02-20
Now when we go to some cafeterias, we can see that customers put cash on a device or swipe a card to buy a meal ticket. The device used by these customers is a self-service payment machine. After this device is applied, the restaurant no longer needs to use it. Tickets are sold at the front desk, and customers no longer need to queue to buy meal coupons. Picture: Self-service payment machine After using this self-service payment machine in a restaurant, customers can purchase tickets, meal coupons or meal cards on the device, and the restaurant can set up additional ticket checking equipment to perform ticket checking operations when customers enter. Some restaurants Some restaurants that choose to issue cards choose to print paper tickets, and the cards can be used in retrospect. Each has its own advantages. The application of this device brings a lot of convenience for customers to enter the restaurant to purchase meal coupons and pay, and it also saves operating costs for the restaurant and improves service. The self-service payment machine provides a very convenient channel for the payment of meals in the cafeteria, and also allows customers to experience editing and efficient services.
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