Self-service payment machine can be customized for you

by:Hongzhou      2021-02-21
Recall that in the past, people had to go to the business hall to pay various fees, but if there were a lot of people who happened to do it, they would have to wait in line. It is inevitable to waste time, and the handling process is not fast. Of course, that was in the past, now it is much easier to pay with self-service payment machines, and easy payment is realized. Figure: Self-service payment machine The self-service payment machine uses a full touch screen and the smart phone we usually use is not very different. It is also convenient and quick for users to operate; when you put the corresponding coin into the money inlet, it can detect Real and fake coins are issued to prevent some people from being fake. At the same time, it can also realize the function of change. After you pay the fee, print the bill and end the payment; speaking of its appearance, it is also stylish and generous, and the owner can customize it according to his own ideas , To make publicity for enterprises. The self-service payment machine is very successful to replace manual payment. It can handle the payment work like the staff and promote the corporate culture, which is rare.
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