Self-service recharge machines make patients less rushing

by:Hongzhou      2021-02-20
When we go to the hospital to see a doctor, we all need to be registered, and then we can get treatment by the doctor. Then we start to get medicines, pay for the laboratory test, and so on. We run up and down, and we can’t be free for a while. Complaining not only wastes time, but also toss the body. Since the hospital used the self-service recharge machine, the situation has changed. Picture: Self-service recharge machine The self-service recharge machine can be said to be a highly integrated machine that integrates many functions into one. It gathers some functional equipment together, reduces some configurations, reduces the size, and it does not forget Increase user experience. It can realize functions such as self-service card issuance and recharge, self-service registration, self-service test/inspection report printing, self-service payment inquiry, terminal management and other functions for patients. It greatly facilitates the patients in the hospital, and also greatly improves the overall efficiency of the hospital and increases the efficiency of the hospital's operation. The use of self-service recharge machines in hospitals is undoubtedly very successful, and it can also be used at gas stations to avoid the risks of cash transactions.
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