Self-service register should have what function?

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-27
Supermarkets now use self-service checkout system, then have what function of self-service system is the business need? For supermarkets, inventory management is a very important part of the store business, if inventory management work was not well done, it is easy to appear problem such as inventory information chaos, seriously affect the supermarket operation, so the system must have the function of inventory management, namely, real-time inventory goods to participate in inventory management, every single inventory autodecrement a single sales, support inventory alarm prompt, real-time control of stores inventory circumstance; For the detail inquiry: loading and unloading, real-time query goods query within a certain period of time, loading and unloading goods all detailed historical records, professional management of inventory; Storage management: the customer once every consumer, the system automatically, reducing farewell manual check, improve work efficiency; Commodity management: support commodity classification, add, modify, delete, print, whether to participate in the inventory, and other functions, specialized commodity management to improve work efficiency. Merchants using self-service checkout inventory management software can easily record store inventory information, solve the problem of management is not in place before. Privilege management: through the mobile phone number or enjoy the member discount, member card number to read the information support manual preferential at the same time, increase customer and store viscosity; Membership service quality: when the members in the store consumption, the software will automatically record and report generation, businesses can in these data members know each member consumption habits, shopping preferences and so on, and for each member for more accurate marketing, so as to improve members' loyalty. Good self service cash registers, not only to retain old customers and attract new customers, promote the store sales are stable and rapid growth.
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