Self-service register to help customers solve the long nightmare

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-24
Speaking of supermarket lines, a lot of people are reluctant to lift this nightmare. In our daily lives, shopping is everyone will do, but we still stop off the bill. Often encountered in the supermarket 'lines' situation, especially on Saturday, day, or at the feast. Artificial cost into consideration, and supermarket when the cashier could not increase the cashier personnel. So the use of self-service register can solve this problem, to help customers solve the long nightmare. 1, low cost of self service cash register in the supermarket, there is the demand of the market, customers need a quick and convenient shopping experience. Self-service register can meet the needs of businesses, to ensure, in the case of low cost, for the majority of customers to provide more quality services. Normally, if need to increase the supermarket two staff costs are very high, the average cost around $100000 a year. But the conversion can be increased by more than 5 self-service register, can save a lot of money. But because the vw also not too familiar with the product, the service will also need a staff self-service register guidance problems. 2, in comparison with the high efficiency of self-service register our artificial cashier, self-service register can maintain stable efficiency, is not affected by long at work. This for merchants, work efficiency is also very important. Self-service register efficiency from the point of working hours is higher than the efficiency of artificial cashier, is suitable for the people in the supermarket, more quickly complete the self-service checkout. Through the above two big advantages, can learn about the arrangement of self service in the supermarket cash register is certainly good for the customer shopping, but also attract more people to shopping, it is kill two birds with one stone.
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