Self-service terminal management system management technology

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-31
Automated teller machines ( ATM) And other terminal devices become so common that they are now becoming the mainstay of our daily life. The ATM is the key to the Banks and financial institutions to provide service for the customer end. Visit after branch, as the trade channel, they are increasingly popular choice. Financial institutions and other retailers are trying to through increasing these machines offer all kinds of new services. Mortgages and utility bills, for example, is now accepted in many automatic teller machines. Other self-service terminals provide stamps, tickets, parking permit, the lottery ticket and similar retail products. As a result, the usability of the equipment, and to provide new services to market flexibility and speed, are the basis of its success. Kiosks manager can add the benefits of these important to the equipment setup, management, and continue to operate in: * monitoring kiosks, resources, and through the integration with external business system trigger active action to solve the problem * active management of ATM to eliminate downtime individual terminal services demand notice * * receive from a central location to manage your self-service terminal * at the same time the software update to deploy on multiple machines in a network of kiosks and its peripheral equipment of centralized asset management
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