Self-service terminal manufacturers in detail kiosks for you

by:Hongzhou      2021-02-05
Kiosks have a lot of kinds of types, business and government to use a variety of types. In terms of business, we are common on the market are: self-help order machine, mall self-checkout self-service ticket machine, cinemas, and so on. Government departments commonly used kiosks have business license self-help printers, frontier defense self-service terminal type, and so on. No matter what type of kiosks, there will be some similarities, self-service terminals manufacturers today information to explain in detail to you. Main equipment: business hall multimedia information publishing and self-service query terminal equipment; Touch multimedia information query devices, the phone list is self-service query printer, self-help pick machine, new business self-help experience equipment such as comprehensive business self-help accepts the all-in-one business hall; Information fusion, self-help query, business self-help pay self-help, self-help invoice printing, business is dealt with functions such as automatic calling distributor all-in-one equipment system hardware; From line number, pager, communication controller, window display, integrated screen; The window service evaluation; LED display function 2, 1, support cash support unionpay card payment function 3, 4 support business queries, and support them to print 5, 6 invoice printing function support, support business to handle function 7 8, support centralized maintenance and management function, support automatic stop boot with the remote switch machine 9 supports data sharing and backup function. 10 support software automatic update upgrade features 11, 12 human interface design, the structure of the human body engineering design reliability and practicability of self-service terminals appear to have a long time, good results have been achieved in all walks of life, brought very good experience to the merchants, the reliability of natural needless to say. Kiosks to support multimedia advertising window, the user can place ads on the self-service terminals, based the background can be unified management, and equipped with backup power supply, can be normal in the case of a power outage continue to collect the tickets operation, will not affect the user's normal use. For users, it is very convenient, but also can enhance competition between stores, for businesses save money, at the same time bring better experience to the user, is fully staffed. How much money on a self-service terminal machines?
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