Self-service terminal related knowledge

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-23
Self-service terminal include: integrated service 24 hours a day buffet accept multimedia information publishing system and equipment, business hall and self-service inquiry system, business hall new business self-help equipment experience, business hall queue management system, service evaluation unit, LED display window and other series of electronic equipment and system software has been widely used in communications, finance, government, transportation, medical, industrial and commercial, tax and other industries. Main equipment: business hall multimedia information publishing and self-service query terminal equipment; Touch multimedia information query devices, the phone list is self-service query printer, self service pick machine, new business self-help experience equipment such as comprehensive business self-help accepts the all-in-one business hall; Information fusion, self service query, business self-help pay self-help, self-help invoice printing, business is dealt with functions such as automatic calling distributor all-in-one equipment system hardware; From line number, pager, communication controller, window display, integrated screen; The window service evaluation; LED display function 2, 1, support cash support unionpay card payment function 3, 4 support business queries, and support them to print 5, 6 invoice printing function support, support business to handle function 7 8, support centralized maintenance and management function, support automatic stop boot with the remote switch machine 9 supports data sharing and backup function. 10 support software automatic update upgrade features 11, 12 human interface design, the structure of the human body engineering design reliability and practicability of the AST series fully supports customization, can show not only comfortable trading interface, also can expand the function of multimedia advertising, trade between the playing of multimedia advertising to win more business opportunities, customers can bring the enterprise more far-reaching self-service terminal brand influence. The design of high temperature and strong exhaust function can guarantee the operation of the machine more stable. Dustproof, waterproof, riot design greatly enhance the environmental adaptability of the machine. Support power to spit card, protect the customer's bank card user information. Security AST series has strong data security strategy: encryption keyboard support DES, 3 DES algorithm and ANSI PIN Block format that can store 16 group of 64 key, can write can't read the keyboard keys can destroy after unpacking, can ensure the safety of users' personal information. Products in full compliance with EMV2000 standards, in line with international standards. Easy maintainability adopts modular structure design, to achieve high reliability and stability of the product at the same time, make the maintenance more convenient, and can greatly reduce maintenance costs. According to human engineering mechanics design, can provide customers with comfortable environment, self-service more humanized design principle of products. Surface are all made of high quality outdoor plastic powder spraying, strong adhesion, waterproof, anti-rust, anti-corrosion, wear-resistant color optional, meet the demand of different extension reading: 1 self-help pay cost refers to the icbc to provide you with online banking, telephone banking, mobile banking, ATM, and other self-help equipment for you or others for mobile phone fee, telephone, water, electricity and other services. 2 service features icbc provide 7 * 24 hours service for you, normally funds on time to the account. You can choose the national or local scope of payment services, and can inquire you pay our bank on the net proxy services nationwide payment transaction details. Service channels, online banking, mobile banking, telephone banking, ATM, and other self-service equipment. Through the above self-service terminal of the author's understanding, hope for your help.
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