Self-service terminals of the matters needing attention and the general process of self-service terminals in the hospital application

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-24
Some matters needing attention of self-service terminal with the continuous development of science and technology, the application of automation products in people around on market more and more, self-service terminals is one of them. At present, lots of places to see in the field of many self-service terminals, the place of the most common are: Banks, railway stations, airports, hospitals, shopping malls and other places are better than one, the biggest advantage of self-service terminal is able to work, and the work time is very long, in general, it can be operation (365 * 24 hours In the case of ruled out self-service terminal is out of order) 。 Here, the author give you simple analysis some matters needing attention: when choosing self-service terminals. 1, the types of products: self-service terminal equipment manufacturers can provide a variety of function models of self-service terminals. The more that manufacturers the powerful model type. 2, the strength of the manufacturers, mainly includes: is there a product patent certificate, how much is the registered capital of self-service terminals manufacturers; If there is a long self-service terminals development; If there is a self-service terminal development, testing, manufacturing, maintenance of related departments and so on. 3, after-sales service: self-service terminals manufacturers have a comprehensive service system. At the same time, it remains to be seen whether it can ensure that a failure occurs in self-service terminal and can get repair or replacement at the fastest speed, let the buyer satisfaction. With the development of intelligent city, more and more technology self-service terminals is applied to the people around, to people's life and work brought a lot of convenience, such as people used to go to a hospital registered team every time in a long line. Slowly, many people are worried about the hospital. Self-service terminal applications can solve the problem of people queuing in the hospital, make people more easy to make an appointment, brings a good mood to the patient, but relatively for self-service terminals friend was used for the first time. Because I don't know how to operate the cause is difficult to use. Here, the author gave us a brief introduction of self-service terminal concrete operation process. 1. Identification: the patient according to the tip of the equipment will be the second generation id card, social insurance card on self-service terminals for automatic identification of identity information. 2. According to the actual demand, the patient in self-service terminals on the reservation department. Even can choose need to make an appointment to the doctor, so convenient patients to choose their favorite doctor or they last saw the doctor. 3. Choose time, choose a good doctor, the patient should choose the next good what time to see a doctor, it is important to note the patient once in self-service terminals on the chosen time, requires the patient on time to see the doctor. 4. Submit: make sure the above information is no problem and then click the submit to complete reservation self-service terminals of the reservation process is so simple. Application of self-service terminal in a hospital not only brought convenience to patients, but also reduce the workload of doctors, make whole medical process more efficient. Shenzhen information technology co. , LTD. Is a self-service terminal design and manufacturers, is also a walk in the forefront of self-service terminal reform company of globalization. For our customers in more than 30 countries around the world to design and develop a wide range of high quality self-service terminal solution, promoted the self-service terminal applications in different industries. As a self-service terminal designer and manufacturer, based on the spirit of excellence to design the self-service terminals. We have many years in the industry of self-service terminals for the global customer service experience. From the start of the design, production and service areas responsible for follow-up.
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