Self-service terminals, plays a different role in different fields

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-23
To the development of information technology, brought a lot of intelligent touch device, the habits of the people start to simple intelligent, to our life and work brought a lot of convenience. Especially the emergence of self-service terminals, not only provide users with a lot of convenience, also brought economic benefits to the buyer to use party, late to reduce operating costs, also improve efficiency. Because of the advantages of self-service terminal, so the application of expanding industries, which has been widely applied in what place is known to all common? The following is to understand together! 1, self-service terminal all-in-one e-government center, everyone not unfamiliar, walked into the hall, there are many self-service terminal equipment, to handle the business just need to find the corresponding terminal equipment, you can self service to dealt with, through the id card recognition, face recognition, and machine readable personal information, according to clew, a few minutes to complete her to deal with the business, don't like in the past, need to wait in line for a long time to their turn, greatly improved the efficiency, and reduce the waste of time. Mall now covers an area of 2, market touch machine is very big, the light entrance has several export, consumers tend to not know yourself in which position, also can not find a store information. Touch all-in-one PC is put at the entrance, elevator, besides can show mall floors guidance information, retail distribution details, etc. , can also display preferential activities, consumers can also query on the screen you want to find businesses, obtain market route at any time, reduce unnecessary waste of time. 3, bank bank for business, now touch query machine are almost through self-service terminal equipment, make an appointment in register machine to print receipts, waiting for artificial window services, free time. Plus now don't need a lot of business through artificial counter, such as bank card card, report the loss of STH, cartoon mobile banking, online banking, short message service, change passwords, etc can be directly through the self-service query all-in-one with cancellation, simple process, improve efficiency, reduce the waiting time. In addition to the above several common places in scenic spots, hospitals, telecommunications business hall, electricity, railway stations, airports and other places, are widely used, is to make up for past efficiency slow, people queuing time problem.
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