Self-service terminals skill sharing of choose and buy

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-31
Kiosks since appeared, brought a lot of convenience to our life. Kiosks to relieve the people queuing problem, let users don't have to line up for a long time, many industries have a much higher efficiency. Especially in the bank, railway stations, airports, and other fields, for the user to save a lot of time. For businesses, not only to the user friendly experience, also save a lot of labor costs for the enterprise. Many enterprises in the purchase of its own terminal, don't know how to judge the quality of the kiosks. Today, the author will explain kiosks purchasing skills. Although terminal convenient, but in the network, after all, there are a lot of hidden trouble, so when choosing and buying kiosks often takes some skill. The choose and buy of pay for self-service terminal machine, we need to see the configuration. Usually in the production of kiosks, manufacturers choose materials are not the same. In the procurement of key parts, we need to check carefully, and comparing with corresponding introduction to online. Second, different levels of the self-service machine function, need according to oneself demand and cost budget to choose the appropriate kiosks. In addition to the comparison of kiosks itself purchase way, in choosing a procurement, we also need to know more about the vendor's qualification, including factories, office environment, manufacturing equipment, business qualification, after-sales service and other hardware facilities, and brand awareness, customer satisfaction, and successful cases, and other software facilities, all of these need us to contrast one by one. Anyhow, when buying kiosks, we should not only see the configuration function of the product itself, but also to see the supplier's reputation and popularity, so that to conduct a comprehensive inspection, selecting the best products, provide better services to the customers, so as to improve the core competitiveness of our enterprises.
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