Self-service ticket machine solves the problem of park ticket sales

by:Hongzhou      2021-02-20
Nowadays, many people like to go to nearby parks or parks with nice scenery during their breaks to relax and relieve the stress of the day. Many elderly people often go to the park to do Tai Chi exercises in the morning and evening. There are also many people. I will go to the park to dance together, but some parks are not open for free. You need to purchase tickets to enter. Often when there are many people, you have to line up to buy tickets, and it is not conducive to staff management. In order to solve this problem, write the park Self-service ticket vending machines have also been introduced. Picture: The self-service ticket vending machine has introduced a self-service ticket vending machine in the park. It is convenient for many citizens to go to the park. They no longer need to queue to buy tickets. You can buy park tickets directly on this device. It is very convenient. Citizens can also apply for a park special card on the device to recharge and swipe the card to purchase tickets. The application of the self-service ticket vending machine at the entrance of the park solves the problem of citizens buying tickets, and also allows staff to count the ticket sales on the device, which is convenient for park management.
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