Self-service ticket machines stationed in major universities

by:Hongzhou      2021-02-22
Since self-service ticket vending machines have been used in stations, scenic spots and other places to achieve satisfactory results, the scope of their use has expanded again. Recently, the Ministry of Railways issued new regulations for the sale of student tickets, and plans to install self-service ticket vending machines in some schools. A certain university in Shanghai has already installed this device and will be rolled out in major universities one after another. It is very convenient for students to install it. Tickets can be obtained without leaving the campus. Picture: Self-service ticket vending machine Speaking of buying tickets, I believe that both workers and students are impressed with buying tickets, especially during the Spring Festival or holidays, it can be said that a ticket is hard to find. At the station, there are too many people buying tickets at a certain time, which leads to low work efficiency. Although it is a bit more convenient to buy tickets after the online ticket purchase is opened, the problem of ticket collection has again appeared. After we book the tickets online, we still need to pick up the tickets, queue up, etc., which causes a waste of time. The situation of using a self-service ticket machine is different. It can realize online ticket collection and on-site ticket sales at the same time. At the same time, it is not affected by the environment, so it is also very suitable for use on campus. The self-service ticket vending machine is convenient for buying tickets and for students. At the same time, it reduces the waiting time of personnel at the station and improves the efficiency of the station.
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