Self-service ticket sales and taking advantage of the scenic spot

by:Hongzhou      2021-02-03
Scenic self-service ticket machine is a kind of unattended, simple operation and convenient query of human-computer interaction devices, touch self-help service for the scenic spot of tourists, for scenic tourist interactive self-help operation, authenticated self-help in exchange for votes, improve the efficiency of the scenic spot tickets, save operating costs, improve service quality. Its service integrity, visibility, systematization and maintainability, is an effective guarantee for scenic spot automated processing business. 1, improve the work efficiency: electronic ticketing and check-in, can greatly reduce the labor intensity of workers, the computer automatically printed tickets, tickets for check-in on automatic equipment, improve the work efficiency; 2, put an end to human tickets: according to the status quo, ticket link using artificial way, the staff can easily into the familiar visitors enter directly, do not need to buy tickets. 3, prevent fraud, although not present being cheated, but other tourist attractions in the country a fake ticket, manual recount cannot distinguish; 4, improve the image of the scenic spot: artificial tickets for domestic and foreign electronic ticket management of tourist attractions is lagging behind. Using electronic ticket system, can improve the quality of employees, realize standardized management. To improve the image of scenic spot, improve the management level, promote the spiritual civilization construction has great significance. 5, improve the level of management, computer network management, can quickly by the software of automatic passenger traffic statistics day, month and year traffic and appropriate financial data, such as ticket sales can automatically generate and print various formats of financial statements, provide the basis for scientific management; This is the artificial ticket can't do it. Information, as well-known kiosks solution provider in China, focused on the scenic spot kiosks one-stop solution. With forward thinking and leading technology always walk in the industry development frontier, for different countries or regions in the world provide customers tailored scenic self-service ticket machine is the solution. Preliminary design from research and development, manufacturing, maintenance services, and other fields, take the customer as the center, with all my heart to provide excellent service.
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