Self-service ticket vending machine creates happiness

by:Hongzhou      2021-02-23
In our daily life, we cannot avoid travel, and in normal times, the subway is the choice for most people to travel. At present, the combination of manual ticket sales and self-service ticket machines in subway stations has greatly improved the efficiency of ticket sales. Some people may wonder why this device is accepted by the public? Because buying tickets on this device is very fast. Picture: Many of the subway manual ticket offices are built underground, and the internal space is limited. It is not easy to expand the artificial windows. Many factors must be considered, such as the environment, labor, etc., in areas with a lot of people, even if a few are added. The window is also difficult to see the results. The problem of queuing to buy tickets cannot be solved well, and the self-service ticket collection machine is used. It occupies a small area and does not require staff to be present. You can follow the instructions on the screen. Quickly complete the ticket purchase, also avoiding the pain of queuing. Many subways have cancelled manual ticket sales after the introduction of self-service ticketing machines, and there is no pressure to buy tickets. In some subway ticket sales where self-service and manual ticketing coexist, it can be seen that there are very few people who choose to buy tickets at the window. I like to go to the self-service equipment to complete the ticket purchase. Everyone thinks that the equipment is quick and convenient, and it is well received by people.
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