Self-service ticket vending machines add color to daily travel

by:Hongzhou      2021-02-23
In today's society, technology continues to develop, and many devices are constantly being updated, such as the now popular Apple iPhone 6. Compared with IPHONE 6, the self-service ticket vending machine cannot be said to be well-known, but in the industry, its name can be described as 'ruiguaner'. The trains, scenic spots, cinemas, bus stations, etc., which can best reflect its value, play an irreplaceable role in these places. Picture: Self-service ticket vending machines are actually in these places. The first way to sell tickets is to sell tickets manually. You have to queue up every time you buy a ticket. Since you have to queue up, you waste a lot of precious time. For stations, crowd congestion is extremely detrimental to station management. This not only makes ticket sales inefficient, but also bears complaints from passengers. If the ticket window is increased, the economy becomes not high. The self-service ticket vending machine replaces the work done by the staff and reduces the burden on the staff. In addition, its high automation and simple operation ensure that passengers can use it skillfully. The function of self-service ticket vending machines is obvious to all. The station has improved efficiency and service.
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