Self-service ticket vending machines at bus stations allow passengers to choose freely

by:Hongzhou      2021-02-22
During the annual holidays in China, it is the peak period of the passenger terminal. For those who travel or go home to reunite, those who buy a train ticket or bus station for a ticket, after all the hardships, buy a ticket early People who didn't buy the tickets were 'frustrated'. This situation will happen every year, especially during the Spring Festival, which is especially obvious, so there is a word 'Spring Festival' with Chinese characteristics. Now a machine is a great help in buying tickets for us. It is the self-service ticket vending machine at the bus station. Picture: Bus station self-service ticket vending machine Of course, the bus station self-service ticket vending machine can not only play a huge role in peak passenger flow, but it is still frequently used by passengers in peacetime. When I went to the bus station to do an interview, I saw that there were not many passengers in the lobby, mostly because the peak travel period had passed. Every time a new passenger entered the lobby, everyone walked towards the self-service ticket vending machine. , On the contrary, very few people line up at the window. The emergence of this situation is inseparable from the simple operation of the device and the ability to quickly get tickets. When passengers use it to buy tickets, the ticket purchase procedure is compared with window ticket sales, which not only saves time in queuing, but also has their own choices Of freedom. The self-service ticket vending machine at the bus station is simple and practical. It can sell tickets by recognizing the second-generation ID card, and it can be paid by cash or bank card with many options, making it the best choice for passengers.
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