Self-service ticketing function to buy student tickets?

by:Hongzhou      2021-02-06
Recently, the dragon-boat festival and the coming summer peak will gather together, army station in response to the students, due to the railway station crowded happens, and using the self-service ticket machine in the station, the students can not only through the network, telephone, train ticket, ticket outlets, can also be purchased through the self-service ticket machine, this means that the students in the future without window lined up outside the station to buy tickets, you can buy tickets at self-service ticket machine to collect the tickets. But the self-service ticketing function to buy student tickets? Or can purchase normal ticket? The answer is ok. But first must have the school relevant departments to confirm their own student tickets loyalty card has been written in the name, the second generation id card number, driving range, admission date, such as item 4, after the automatic ticket machine purchase ticket, take online ticket, should also ensure that the student information within the member card and fill out the information on 12306 web site registration. Introducing the interval to write, load-point spelled right shall be the railway station the station name. Stops before don't bring the provincial, city name, the name don't bring county or town name, after the station stops after don't add the 'city', 'stop' or 'station'. Student advantage card has stipulated discount for use of number, number of super preferential ticket, will not be able to deal with student tickets. And the Internet have identity check function, schools in the submission requirements, real-time check whether identity check through, did not check through, can't submission requirements. The self-service ticket machine can only buy high iron and train tickets, and need to school student card to the student information on the relevant notice according to the Ministry of Education and China railway corporation issued by input is complete, can automatically read the machines use again. Using the student ticket card attached to collect the tickets can be on board for VIP, also can go to the station ticket window or train ticket outlets for VIP. Regardless of by what way to buy student tickets, except the train face the cost of the calibration does not charge any other fees. Warm prompt: student card must contain the following information: name, id number, abbreviation, school address, home address, school student discount card number. And when using, must ensure that the student id card and the second generation id card is the same person. How much money on a self-service terminal machines?
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