Self-service ticketing system solves the problem of ticket purchase

by:Hongzhou      2021-02-21
Every time on Saturdays, Sundays and statutory holidays, most people will choose to go out to play, go to parks, and travel to other places. It has become the first choice. However, it has become a headache for tourists to queue up for train tickets. , Not only queuing makes the waist sore and leg pain at the passenger station, but also exhausted the conductor, but now with the self-service ticketing system, it has practical functions to solve many ticketing problems. Picture: Self-service ticketing system Using the self-service ticketing system allows passengers to easily check the price of the ticket, the remaining amount and the day of ticket purchase. It can also realize the function of online booking and picking up the booking on the self-service ticketing system. The convenience. Moreover, passengers can operate on their own without the assistance of staff, realizing the separation of window ticketing and self-service ticketing, making it easier for staff and allowing passengers to quickly purchase the train tickets they need. How about, is the self-service ticketing system very convenient? Many train station ticket offices have discovered the convenience and benefits of the system. Tourists are very appreciative of it. Come and use the system to experience the convenient ticket purchase process and a pleasant journey.
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