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Self sevice payment & report printing kiosk in Hospital
Self sevice payment & report printing kiosk in Hospital
Start port
Delivery time
3-4 weeks for prototype,6-8 weeks for mass production
Based on approved design sketch

How Kiosks boost efficiency in hospitals?

Do you know a kiosk is able to manage four times more patients? Well, the usage of medical kiosk solutions is immensely helpful in offering great services to patients and staff of healthcare facilities, doctors clinics, hospitals, etc. It enables the hospitals to increase their revenues by cutting down staff costs, reducing waiting times for patients and visitors, is useful in the number of other handling. Rather than waiting in long queues, patients & visitors who enter the facility can use the kiosk to explain their symptoms and give demographic & insurance information. They can simply appoint to areas on a body diagram where they are experiencing pain and answer questions regarding the reasons for their visit.



Mian Modules of Self service payment & report print kiosk in hospital:

※  Bank card & medical card reader

※  Social security card reader

※  ID inductor 

※  Thermal printer 

※  A4/A5 printer 

※  Pinpad 

※  Card dispenser

※  Cash acceptor

※  Camera


What's the function you could expect from hospital Self service payment & report priting kiosk in hospital:

1. Payment for the medical fee via bank card/ cash

2. Report printing;

3. Card dispensing;

4. Slip & invoice  printing

What are the benefits of kiosk solution in hospital: .


  • Manages in a centralized manner -This system enables the administration to well manage the entire structure from a unique console so that all the kiosks/displays can be managed quickly and easily.

  • Flexible & highly-customizable - The system very well fits into the requirements of the healthcare structure and also determines the low costs of management and deployment.

  • Stable & Robust - This robust system can effectively handle the functioning of healthcare institutions.

  • Gives updated Information - It keeps the audience updated via LCD wall displays (the real digital notice-boards), which shows news, bulletin and other useful information in a quick and easy manner.


  • Offered better service - The digital totem allows the users (patients & visitors) to select the services and have the ticket printed, this way the user is provided with clear and detailed information.

  • Lesser scope for errors - The more precise information the digital totem provides, the more it is helpful to users in choosing the right service. This reduces the chances of mistakes and also the patients don't end up waiting in the wrong queue.

  • Reduces the sense of uneasiness - Owing to queue managing totem, the user can be provided with useful information before he gets to the counter, like documents that will be required or the revenue stamp.





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