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by:Hongzhou      2021-01-29
Electronic devices have been more and more, now used in all walks of life. Applications in food industry of intelligent device is also very much, such as self service order machine, self-service register, entrance guard system, etc. There are many applications. So we learn about the electronic meal card application. Electronic menu is mainly used in food industry, such as hotel, more liquor stores, and so on. Mainly adopt cloud platform by selecting the corresponding to promote products by pictures or video, then can be showed in the electronic menu above. Can also do some effects, such as split screen, or cutting and a variety of styles of propaganda. Electronic menu features mainly adopted high-definition LCD screen, so propaganda video and images are more glaring, better able to attract the attention of others. At the same time can also meet the demand of the customer's order, the menu display plus new product recommendation model. Electronic menu can be adjusted through the cloud platform quickly need to promote products, this is the playbill propaganda, existing the incomparable advantage. Electronic menu now in more and more shopping centers, chain, milk tea shop, and so on a variety of places to application, echo is very good.
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