Smart restaurant system: let the restaurant business is no longer difficult!

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-27
In the past, food and beverage industry may be wash in years, but for now, the catering industry, estimation is washed once a year. Because in this era of intelligence, the restaurant industry is' wisdom catering 'age, big to a fancy restaurant, restaurant chain, small to fast food restaurants, small noodle shop can use smart restaurant system. Those who refuse to change 'traditional catering management thinking, the past, will be eliminated. What is a smart restaurant system? Intelligent restaurant system can solve can solve your complete order, cashier, take-out, member, marketing activities, enters sells saves the demand, through online data, a shop with wings' Internet + '. Improving intelligent order experience at the same time improve the efficiency of management. order + mobile payment order by in-store self-help machine, as long as customers before meal order machine, using WeChat or pay treasure to pay, can wait for serving, this kind of order model, help restaurant save point meal, cashier, snarling, room service personnel costs, and reduce the risk of the fund management. After the kitchen management, intelligent kitchen restaurant in the past in the customer's order is completed, customers will need the waiter after the order is passed to the kitchen, this process is not only the efficiency of slow, also tend to be a waiter, leakage phenomenon of single point for the customer the wrong menu. And using intelligent ordering system can be customers order menu seamless for kitchen, greatly improve the restaurant operating efficiency, reduce unnecessary trouble and omissions, make the kitchen in an orderly way to produce products, accurate and efficient. Data analysis of what big data era with a talk, intelligent restaurant also need to constantly analyze all kinds of data reports, such as self-help order system, in the background or cell phone app merchants would have to view a variety of data report, and intelligent time-sharing piecewise analysis, classification, through large data feedback restaurant operating condition, and targeted to improve management. To sum up, using intelligent catering system can improve the operational efficiency of the restaurant, to reduce labor costs, make the restaurant business is no longer difficult.
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