Still waiting in line? Self-service register online, let you say goodbye to pay long queues

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-27
Actually, the furthest distance in the world is you still in the queue, other people have bought single. 。 。 。 。 。 。 In the shopping rush hour, in the face of the supermarket queues invoicing, we are common but very helpless. However, the use of self-service register in the supermarket, customers no longer lines's team at the checkout counter check, customers can self-help on self-service register code of goods, payment and bagging. Recently, self-help landing Shanghai century lianhua supermarket, the cash register, after landing, the author see most citizens in self-service is convenient to use on the cash register, after they had chosen to purchase goods, in self-service checkout will be their own goods bar code scanning window scanning one by one, aimed at the cash register, the name of commodity, price, quantity is presented on the screen. Goods after the scanning, to 'paypal' and 'WeChat' payment method of payment. After completion of payment cash register automatically print out the shopping list, customers take leave. The whole process simple operation, reduce customer queue length, and the means of the self-service checkout more attaches great importance to the privacy of customers feel comfortable and relax. It can be swept self service principle of code to pay? In fact, the main is self-service register scanning Windows embedded in the barcode scanner, because the system has data acquisition, transmission performance, it can docking background shopping system and mobile payment systems, to achieve customer code, payment. The novel way of self-service checkout will undoubtedly enhance the customers in the supermarket shopping experience. Self-service register for the customer, it helps the customer to shorten the check-out time, get a better shopping experience; For the cashier, to a certain extent reduce the stress of employees; For supermarkets, save the manpower cost greatly, because 3, 4, cash register only need one or two staff in next to assist.
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