Super retail new revolution - AI fresh visual and settlement

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-31
The development of the age of the Internet is very fast, the trend of online shopping has entered into everyone's daily life. Both food and clothing live line can for shopping on the Internet, can buy what you want on the Internet. Online shopping is in full swing, but the offline store is impacted by the online, tuyere is standing in the reform. Super retail industry need to change, which started a new revolution. A lot of supermarket fresh weighing area is also began to reform, merchants began to abandon the traditional human settlement. AI fresh visual settlement stage entered the business of retail industry reform force field of vision, began to enter the supermarket chain. Compared to the human settlement of low efficiency, high operating costs. AI fresh visual settlement not only did the operation mode, at the same time can also be efficient in her work to complete the weighing of raw and settlement. Fresh visual settlement using AI AI intelligent recognition technology and intelligent weighing combination, can direct the rapid completion of weighing and calculate the price. AI fresh visual settlement platform is also very high identification, correctness, can ensure that in the normal use of the daily settlement environment. In addition, the AI fresh visual settlement platform can put the customer's consumption amount and category to save consumption of fruit. So that it can be convenient management of businesses. Fresh visual settlement businesses can remotely via AI an understanding of the background to the consumer. Offline store will focus on the development of slowly to the expanding of fresh area, offline fruit such as fresh degree is more popular. At the same time, the vast number of customers in their daily life demand for fresh is also very big, this also is the merchants want to apply AI first fresh visual settlement stage.
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