Supermarket 'brush face' payment, open retail new model!

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-26
The arrival of the new retail, make more and more changes in the traditional supermarket. Jingdong home 'easy buy' and self-service checkout system in the near future cooperation with WeChat payment, jingdong, realize 'brush face payment'. It effectively ease the cashier line, improve efficiency, help realize the brick-and-mortar retailers offline digital consumer users. For new retail the development trend of The Times, independent research and development of science and technology a new retail self-service cajas, swept through self-help shopping consumer self-help payment code, brush application of face recognition technology, realize the quick checkout, reduce queuing time. Self-service register embedded qr code scanner, barcode scanning, data transmission performance, for goods one/two dimensional barcode with good performance; Combined with super goods management and cashier system, extend the self service cashier channels. It seamless docking alipay/WeChat payment interface, realize the brush face pay, provide consumers with a variety of options, provide consumer experience, and improve the efficiency of cashier, self service pay only two steps, from customers line up. With the new retail related application technology and the increasing maturity of science and technology, constantly trying, dares to innovate successfully apply Yu Xinling industry products and solutions that retail kiosks, self-service checkout system, really bring consumers shopping easily, convenient to pay a new experience.
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