Supermarket shopping don't have to go to the checkout counter!

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-26
The good news! The good news! Supermarket shopping don't have to go to the checkout counter ~ just in front of the self-service checkout machines self-help pay can, need not the waiter cashier check yourself! Before stage, the author went to top shopping, found that is put in the position of the supermarket entrance to a diy cash registers, aim the purchase commodity bar code and code, commodity information, the screen open WeChat/pay treasure payment code, alignment and decoder can complete the payment. Payment without queuing, take buy goods can go home directly. Then, the author has examined the online self service cashier can self service pay principle. Check only after know, self-help in the supermarket cash register is integrating new technology of bar code identification, the Internet of things, by embedding the barcode scanner, equipped with barcode identification, acquisition, data transmission characteristics, docking background shopping system and mobile payment systems, alignment and decoder in the process of using self-service checkout payment functions can be realized. And according to the author, supermarket cashier buffet on the software function, businesses can remotely via the shopkeeper APP or PC background, can manage the goods, at the same time instant sales query, reconciliation, data analysis customer through the sales ranking, turnover, customer preferences, member statistics analysis data, such as understanding of the real requirements of customers, to the goods corresponding adjustment; Operating data audit be clear at a glance. The application of the self-service checkout make originally a cashier is responsible for a checkout channel, can now be responsible for more than 2 self-service register. The cashier and settlement efficiency than the traditional mode of cashier amounted to more than 50%; Human cost decreased by 20%, up 30% customer experience and effective in relieving the check-out line at peak phenomenon, provide customers with free shopping experience.
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