Supermarkets use self-service register, let the customer change to the cashier

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-28
The supermarket check-out queues the most headache is, if you catch up with the holiday, in large supermarket wait a hours are the norm. In recent years, however, from the use of help the cash register in the supermarket, saving customers queuing length, only the purchase of goods by scanning bar code on the machine, real-time display on the screen commodity prices, counted correctly, take out the mobile phone or bank card payment. This quick and easy checkout experience, also attracted the author used to shopping I return to the supermarket shopping. 'before go to the supermarket to buy things, settlement of a few goods, but I have to checkout line 20 minutes long. Today, I stand in self-service checkout, when clearing the goods on the operating table, himself as a cashier, aim the each items of barcode scan code line, at the sound of a 'di', then sweep the next item. Coke 3 yuan, eggplant 4. 8 yuan, instant noodles 4. 5 yuan per item, price, and the name of the aggregated amount are real-time display on the screen, the cash register at a glance. After, I took out my cell phone, open alipay 'payment code. Took only a few seconds, the check is complete. After understanding, the diy cash register integration of the automatic identification of bar code scanner, acquisition and real-time transmission features, combined with the self-service checkout system can realize the quick shopping, to a certain extent, ease the artificial checkout lines' pain 'satisfy people the pursuit of personality, experience, etc. The characteristics of the new consumer demands. Workers made some increase to a certain extent, improve the cashier efficiency and save the human cost of the enterprise.
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