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Technology is making visual settlement units into the dining room

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-31
With the development of The Times, the pursuit of you for dinner is more and more high. Not only in seeking food delicious, but also began to pay attention to the dining environment and efficiency. In the face of the demand of the market, and now the rise of the food industry. Dining room also need reform facing the situation, all kinds of high-tech products has also started to come into our life circle. Today, the author to tell everyone about is the vision of settlement and the application of the table in the dining room. In our life there are many places have a dining room, such as schools, companies, units and so on. All of us is perhaps the most often in the canteen meal impression is every time is need long queues to ordering and invoicing. This dining experience must be really bad for us, after all, everyone still don't want to 'meal for 2 minutes, lined up to an hour. In addition, you may provide food for the canteen is relatively less, and is relatively fixed is also a very bad experience. In the face of such situation, visual and settlement stage can have what effect? First is give full play to the advantages of visual AI settlement technology, fast recognition and settlement, with efficient service ability to replace artificial to identify slow problem. Settlement and vision table can be ensure our recognition accuracy is above 99%, especially in a small bowl of food under the condition of the order of the appliance more accurate. Visual and settlement in the process of our settlement, can accurate records of our food and amount. This canteen merchants can see us through visual and settlement stage background the amount of detail, reduces the data statistics of trouble. At the same time we have dinner dishes changing conditions in the above data, businesses can also make certain dishes amplification of change, so you can avoid all food a few problems when have dinner. Dining room of the reform is imperative, the function of the visual and settlement stage just better completes the reform can help the canteen. In the dining room to improve efficiency at the same time, also can reduce the problem of artificial operating costs. And visual settlement platform data services can help businesses have data for reference, do dishes for a adjustment.
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