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The advent of the era of no one, do you want to go to experience the unmanned restaurant?

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-24
With the advent of the era of no one, no one no one convenience stores, supermarkets, restaurants in major cities in China already has started the layout. In the face of so much new unmanned agitation hits, you want to go to experience the unmanned restaurant? Come, then take you experience no one restaurant by the author. No one dining room and the biggest difference is that the traditional restaurant reflect on unmanned, and constitute the characteristics of the unmanned mainly by intelligent entrance guard system, face recognition under the screen, self-help order machine, station to station display screen, smart take food cabinets, etc. These products bear the restaurant all kinds of work, such as intelligent entrance guard system for the security of restaurant; meal machine is responsible for some orders and cashier's work; Station to station display and intelligent sideboards undertake the work of the food and dishes; Face recognition panel member responsible for record and verify the customer information and integral statistics, this is a traditional restaurant. Through these products, we can in no one restaurant from face recognition that take the door screen through the validation of personal information, responsible for the security of the intelligent entrance guard system, and then in self-service before ordering the dinner, self-service ordering and payment. After the completion of the order, can be seen in your turn display your order information. After receiving a tip to smart to take meal the sideboard. After the completion of the meal, your departure, face recognition screen prompts the dining and complete and integral for automatic statistics for you. Through the introduction of the author, everyone is feeling a wave of no one restaurant meal? No one times has been conducted, don't you go to experience this fun new catering mode.
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