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The characteristics of several kinds of self-service terminal screen and the advantages and disadvantages

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-24
Touch screen as an important medium of self-service terminal and user interaction, is an indispensable part of self-service terminal now. At the time of custom self-service terminals, select the desired type is a screen is not open around the problem. Is constantly in the process of operation for the customer to solve this problem, is here today to introduce a unified. Self-service terminals on the touch-screen generally has three categories: resistance screen, capacitance screen, infrared screen. The first to look at the resistive screen. Resistive touch screen and control system has the advantage of its screen is cheaper, response sensitivity is good, and it's running in a completely isolated to the outside of the working environment, not afraid of dust and moisture, can adapt to the harsh environment. Combined with the mature technology threshold is low, is the choice of many enterprises early. But the resistance screen multi-touch is difficult, plus the touch part is easy damaged, so experienced company has phased out the use of this kind of screen. On the market at present, the resistive screen production are also reduced year by year, for after sales also caused a lot of trouble. Resistive screen is one of the main alternative capacitance screen, capacitive touch you just need to touch signal generation, don't need to pressure, in the light than the resistance loss and system power consumption. Perfect application multi-touch capacitive touch can, wear resistance, long service life, the user when using low maintenance costs. Self-service terminal screen use frequency is high, the capacitance screen is favoured for self-service terminals producer. Defect is must be direct contact with hands and touch screen, wearing gloves can't operate. An alternative is infrared resistive touch screen. Infrared technology touch screen installed in the casing outside the touch screen on the emitting and receiving infrared sensor element composition, the screen surface, the formation of infrared detection network, any touch object can change the infrared on the contact and touch screen operation. This screen with high stability, and won't because time slips, changes in the environment to produce; High degree of adaptability, current, voltage and electrostatic interference, suitable for some harsh environmental conditions ( Explosion-proof, dust-proof) ; Long service life, high durability, not afraid to scratch, touch and long life; Use good features, touch without strength, the advantages of no special requirements to the touch. Infrared screens in the self-service terminal production have to be same with capacitive touch another choice. The advantages and disadvantages of the above is the mainstream of self-service terminal touch screen. Hope everyone in purchasing kiosks, can according to their own needs, reasonable choose the required configuration screen. When purchasing self-service terminal if you have other questions, also welcome to advisory information.
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