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The cinema self-service ticket sales and taking four benefits

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-30
Have a cinema, it is a lucrative business. No matter how many options at home watching movies, many people still want that kind of big screen viewing experience. But like every business, daily operation also brings challenges. sell the ticket machine not only can help address these challenges, can also provide a clear advantage, the following are some of the cinema self-service ticket sales and taking advantage. 1, shorten the time of the queuing to buy tickets installed self-help sell the ticket machine in the lobby of the cinema, the film audience can choose in self-service sale machine to buy tickets, rather than at the ticket Windows to buy tickets, using a touch screen, to guide them to complete the order and payment process and print the tickets immediately. Self-service ticket sales and taking can also let the customer and pay the tickets online, then print it out when they arrived at the cinema, so as to shorten the time of the queuing to buy tickets. 2, franchising coordination easier for cinema, coordinate zone concession area, food preparation is a daunting task, even if in any critical moment, have several staff behind the counter. When hot dogs, chicken, pizza and other food to join the franchise menu, and hot food like popcorn, candy and drinks, things get more complicated. However, self-service ticket sales and taking simplifies the charter service. Through self service sell the ticket machine, customers can faster than in franchise booth waiting for underground orders and receive the order. Everyone watching movies need to input order in self-service terminal equipment of the touch screen, and then went to charter booth to receive the order. Order the faster, the guest can take away and enjoy more quickly. Using self-service ticket sales and taking in charter booth accept orders, you can eliminate misunderstanding or listen to the wrong customer instructions (employees For example, there is no ice or popcorn in butter in drinks) When the possibility of error, so that the franchise's coordination easier. Caused by the decrease of error to input order delivery process more simplified. 3, lower labor costs there is no way to solve this problem, labor is one of the spending of large hotel operators, theater owners are no exception. Although you don't want to, also should not implement technology to replace your each cashier, but of course you can use one or two diy sell the ticket machine instead of a few employees to reduce your Labour costs. This can reduce the number of workers needed for the shift, or allow you to redistribute to other areas need more labor force. 4, improve customer satisfaction through the use of self service sell the ticket machine can shorten the queue time of purchase or collect the tickets, can enhance the customer experience. This, in turn, can improve customer satisfaction and increase revenue. Using the self-service ticket machine, customers can more quickly and effectively and receive merchandise ordering, a moment, but will not miss the movie may even be 'the coming attractions', also can produce the same effect.
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