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The development of touch screen self-service system

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-30
Pay for online services trade and simplify payments to accept touch screen kiosks were placed in any modern city at present. Self-service terminal services booth installation in the bank, supermarket, airport, station place that people can quickly payment. Payment terminal can have financial receiver and built-in card reader at the same time, from the plastic CARDS ( Smart card) Read the information. Payment terminal is equipped with software small touch screen kiosks, and provide automated service for the customer. 1, performance and function for the self-service terminal development of appropriate software enables us to increase the function of the touch screen service terminal and provide continuous operation. Terminal software provides the completely function, easy to use, therefore, its efficiency. 2, solution development touch screen self-service system and self service service system is one of the main activities of self-service terminal equipment manufacturer. We aimed at is assigned by the customer, special solution for terminal operation. Software developed by fully comply with all specified requirements, and ^ to strengthen the function of payment terminals. For example, in some projects, we recommend the use of smart card authorization to use terminal services, as well as the use of financial printer to record all payment terminal in memory. After years of efforts, our company has carried out some large projects, the actual results were obtained.
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