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The function of self-help order machine is introduced

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-29
Order of self service machine, the authors believe that everyone should have seen it. In KFC, McDonald's, and a few large shopping center will be applied. We contact self-help order machine, what did you learn about it for it? Today let the author talk about the function of the self-service order machine. Today, in the big shopping centres and large restaurant to use self-service order machine, it, as fast as the popularity of diy cash registers are very fast. order machine function is also one of the popular fast accelerator, function very much. First of all, the first function is to order, you can customize their own taste, also can choose delivery mode. Secondly, you can directly settle bills, there is no separate settlement. Settlement way can choose to pay treasure, WeChat or brush face and other IC card payment. A third is in the case of no use, can run advertising push, can push some new products and so on. Four is a member of the integral can be statistics, at the same time in the background of members to send vouchers promotional activities such as the notice. There is no network, no receipts will be based on the system feedback paper such as voice prompt. order machine function introduction is about the same, you can see self-help order machine function is complete, can satisfy the normal order, invoicing, etc. Everyone in daily life can also experience a wave, test the powerful self-help order machine.
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