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The gospel of the self-service check-in machine during a tired journey

by:Hongzhou      2021-02-20
Do you want to find a hotel to rest during your exhausting journey? The answer is obvious. It is inevitable that we need to check in if we want to stay in the hotel. However, because the manual check-in is relatively slow and the process is more cumbersome, the check-in procedure is required to wait in line. For travelers who need to rest, they cannot be earlier. Finish check-in procedures. The purpose of the self-service check-in machine is to make the check-in procedures more convenient and simple. Picture: Compared with the self-service check-in machine, there are some gaps that cannot be achieved by manual check-in. There are some obvious drawbacks. The manual check-in procedure is slower. For some people who come late, there is not much time. Too much time wasted in the procedures, inevitably more complaints, which affects the overall image of tourists to the hotel, may cause the loss of passenger flow, of course, loss of source of customers means loss of source of income. The self-check-in machine is suitable for hotels, because it combines the functions of check-out, check-in and check-out into one, and is very popular for travelers for 24-hour normal use.
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