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The hotel use self-service check-in machine

by:Hongzhou      2021-02-05
Self-service terminal has become very common in our daily life of a product, whether to go to the movies or go to tourist attractions, or is going to the bank, go to the hotel, and so on everywhere in the use of self-service terminals, relatively speaking, cinema scenic spot of self-service terminal operation method is relatively simple. Novice can easily get started, bank and the hotel's relative to a little trouble so, generally speaking, there will be professional people in side guide use. Bank self-help terminal is slightly more common than hotel self-service terminals, don't speak today bank self-help terminal operation method, the following information is hotel self-service terminals to to tell you about how to use. 1, prepare id card, checking in 2, check-in formalities according to the prompt, hotel machine do you usually need to live the face detection, eliminate use of identity registration. 3, payment, usually can pay cash or online, the user can choose according to oneself circumstance of payment, pay after taking the room card to check in. If it is easy to operate, can complete the check-in process have to book the hotel on the Internet, and collect the tickets speed will be faster and more convenient, without waiting for, fast. How much money on a self-service terminal machines?
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