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The library self-service terminals into which technology to use?

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-24
Don't know what you have? Go to the library self-service terminals on the books borrowed experience? If any do you have a very amazed by its convenient. Authors are often friends go to the library to read together, often heard many borrowers will subconsciously acclaim, but at the same time there are confused, why I put so much book stack together this machine identification of a region, did not like the supermarket shopping sweep code one by one, but the machine is within a few seconds, will I put up the book for quick accurate identification? How did he do it? Don't machine will perspective? The following let the author to answer for you! This is because the self-service terminal equipment machine adopt the RFID technology, also can be called radio frequency identification (RFID) technology. Its working principle is through the radio frequency signal automatically identify books of RFID electronic tags for information management, is the advanced management style borrowed books. Using this technology the reader can use IC card type in the code or password, you can enjoy a variety of self-service, such as 'roadmap' to find the book, autonomous borrow return book, book renew, borrowing record query, greatly reducing the readers to find books and books borrowed time, borrowed time also more flexible autonomy.
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