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- the most effective tools for connecting restaurants and consumers - Smart sideboard

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-29
Believe to everybody to 'take cupboard' a term not strange, it is a hotel to place the cabinet of food, but there is a cupboard is called 'smart take cupboard' have you heard about or seen? The smart take sideboard it is Internet + smart hardware as the carrier of the hardware platform, customers booking order, to take food pattern, also can realize the online code to open the door, so called 'smart take cupboard'. Perfect in restaurants instead of the waiter order, the cashier work, the authors show you details about specific application function. Smart take the cupboard is no restaurant's good partner, like Qingdao boat song fish dumplings, shenzhen spring merry, xian jie caloric is through smart take food ark to make no one restaurant, they with restaurant is the application principle of the front-end hardware and software, after hutch and online system and perfect fusion, customer by the store WeChat public order order in advance, after cook in the food is ready to take meals cabinet products into the corresponding grid, after users receive reminder with mobile meal number ( Qr code) Sweep code can open cupboard door, and then take out the products you can begin to have dinner. Smart take food ark besides can be placed in a restaurant, it also can be placed in communities, hospitals, schools, colleges, hospitals and other places, through wireless WIFI or 3 g / 4 g phone card connection dining room background system, so people don't have to line up directly take food for dinner. Take-out little elder brother also don't need to call them one by one user take food, directly to the customer's delivery place take food on the ark, the system automatically send text messages to users prompt, timely remind order user self-help meal, provide convenient take-out access services on time. As a result, improve the efficiency of the delivery and distribution, let eat people can arrange take dinner time, businesses also improved the delivery quantity. Smart cupboard replace the waiter to some extent, the cashier, greatly reduce the amount of manpower, the restaurant also enhances the working efficiency of the restaurant. For customers, solve the diners queuing difficult eating difficult problem, let customers save a long queue and waiting time.
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