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The new retail self-service register function is introduced

by:Hongzhou      2021-02-04
As retail industry upgrading, new retail self-service register should also out, along with the trend in the progress of science and technology, the retail industry as a whole in advance. And self-service register is one of the big power, whether in the daily supermarket, or no convenience stores are the necessary products in fashion now. So today let the author take everyone to know about the new retail self-service register function is introduced. 1, there is no one to touch yes AD push mainly are not traded in everyday's push for some products, can to some new product has a certain drainage. 2, a variety of the method of payment of goods in daily life is suitable for the settlement, and bar code the way touch purchased products, combined with the sweeping way code for cancel after verification, RFID self-help clearing, the degaussing product. 3, combining with the brush face combined with current payment in the form of diversification, introduced a brush face pay, also can keep the WeChat pay or pay treasure of code. 4, members of the integral statistics for the member points can be directly in the background of the discount, coupons, and statistical work, etc. 5, sales statistics, sales data can be in statistical after access to some of the original system, ensure the integrity of the sales data. These functions can be very good guarantee the operation of the supermarket or a convenience store, there will be need some weighing products launched weighing degaussing way, added more application scenario. Believe in the near future the new retail self-service checkout opportunity more intelligent, to adapt to the more application scenario.
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