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The on-site ticket withdrawal function of the self-service ticket vending machine is well received

by:Hongzhou      2021-02-21
Nowadays, the Internet has brought us countless conveniences, and online shopping has become a trend. It not only allows us to buy what we want without leaving home, but it is also very fast. So many people like to shop online, such as buying clothes. , Buying daily necessities, buying snacks, and so on. When it comes to online shopping, we have to say that we also like to buy tickets online. It is very convenient. Online ticketing is inseparable from the powerful self-service ticket machine. Picture: Self-service ticket vending machine may all of us know the self-service ticket vending machine. This device is a device that allows us to quickly buy the tickets we need. In fact, the most popular ticket-buying passenger’s favorite is the current ticket withdrawal function of this device. With this device, we can purchase tickets online, and then use the ticket collection function on the ticket vending machine at the train station on the day of travel, and pick up our train tickets according to the page prompts. The function of the self-service ticket vending machine saves us a lot of time in queuing to buy tickets, and provides a lot of convenience for us to buy tickets and travel, which is highly praised by passengers.
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