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The pearl of the hotel

by:Hongzhou      2021-02-22
With the use of self-check-in machines in large hotels and hotels, its functions and functions have gradually become familiar to ordinary people. As a machine that replaces manual check-in procedures, its use is unprecedented. It not only improves the hotel's service to guests, but also saves its own resources. Its use in hotels is also accepted by people, and many people choose to use it instead of manual registration. Picture: Self-check-in machine For self-check-in machine, let’s first analyze what effect it has on the hotel. For some people who have checked in at the hotel, manual check-in has some drawbacks. Let’s talk about manual check-in. It is slower, especially for those who come late. The rest time is very important. If there is too much delay, there will inevitably be more complaints, which will affect the overall image of the hotel. In addition, the checkout, check-in, and check-out functions are integrated to provide passengers with 24-hour normal use, simplifying procedures and saving every minute. The self-check-in machine can be said to be 'can't put it down' for the hotel, which not only provides users with good service, improves the image, but also saves manpower and data and saves costs.
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