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The popular bus station self-service ticket vending machine

by:Hongzhou      2021-02-22
Nowadays, you can often see the self-service ticket vending machine at the bus station in the bus, subway, or street where people come and go. 'Ticket buying artifact' is the title given to it. It is not difficult to see from the title that the use rate of manual labor is gradually decreasing, and there are more and more places to use self-service equipment. If it were more than ten years ago, this kind of change would be something people would never expect! Picture: Self-service ticket vending machines at bus stations. Self-service ticket vending machines at bus stations are very popular at stations. Once listed, they are purchased by train stations and bus stations. Its development process can be said to be in line with social development. Ticket purchase on the website has become the best choice for people to buy tickets. There is no need to queue or go to the station. You only need to pick up the tickets before departure, which is convenient and simple. In addition, when buying tickets, it supports a variety of payment methods, such as UnionPay cards, cash, and QR codes, which further expands its role and becomes an indispensable configuration for stations. Compared with manual ticketing, the self-service ticketing machine at bus station has obvious advantages and even better. Its development is also worth looking forward to.
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